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A for Effort

Math & Science tutoring for international students of all ages

A for Effort is a Math and Science tutoring center offering personalized tutoring sessions for international students of all ages. We help students increase their confidence in these subjects by simplifying the material, allowing them to truly understand what they are learning.

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Quality Tutoring Lessons

All Math & Science Levels

We provide Math and Science tutoring for students of all ages. We also provide specialized lessons for students following IB or AP courses.

Personalized Lessons

We customize lessons according to the goals of each student. Monthly progress reports are sent to parents with details of the student's progress.

International Curriculum

We are specialized in curriculum from international schools in Jakarta. Our expertise with these allows us to help students work towards expectations.

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More Testimonials
  • "My tutor at A for Effort simplifies concepts and removes math jargon so that our content always makes sense. My grade increased from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’ during my Calculus unit, which I otherwise would have failed without help from my tutor.”


    JIS 12th Grade - IB Math

  • "Tutoring has helped me to catch up on about a year’s worth of work very quickly and efficiently."


    BSJ Year 13 - IB Math

  • "Thanks to my tutor at A for Effort I have an A*, the best grade possible. I can actually look forward to going to classes because I finally understand what we are learning.”


    JIS 10th Grade - Math Honors II & Chemistry

  • “A for Effort has been a tremendous help in helping our children have a much better understanding of math. Our tutor has not only been able to increase their math skills up to where they should be in only a matter of a short time, but has also made every session very enjoyable for them. A for Effort has increased their confidence level with math and they look forward to every tutoring session! Thank you!”


    Mother of NAS and BSJ students (Year 1 and Year 3, Math)

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