Tutoring Lessons

Our classrooms are designed specifically for private and semi-private lessons. Students attending private tutoring lessons at our location will have their own classroom to use with their tutor. For semi-private lessons the larger classrooms are used which can accommodate up to four students.

We have an abundance of teaching tools available to teach both our younger and older students.

All classrooms promote an encouraging and motivating learning environment and most importantly ensure an enjoyable setting that students look forward to attending.

Yes, all lessons are taught in English and all our tutors speak English fluently.

We currently do not offer tutoring in other languages.

We follow the curriculum of the student's school in addition to focusing on specific skill sets the student needs more practice in.

This depends on the age and curriculum of the student.

For younger students we use a combination of hands-on activities, worksheets, interactive notebooks as well as games, flashcards and other resources.

For Middle School and High School students we use a combination of the student's own textbook as well as additional supplementary worksheets or exercises which we provide.

For IB students we have access to official IB databases which allows us to retrieve a variety of IB material to help students accordingly.

Our tutoring sessions are engaging, interactive and productive. We place a strong emphasis on simplifying the information to ensure students thoroughly comprehend the material, while fully adapting the lessons to each individual student's needs.

No, for Elementary/Primary students our lessons will include a variety of activities to ensure the younger students remain engaged and interested throughout the session.

We will include a number of hands-on and interactive activities in addition to worksheets to introduce them to topics and work on their skill sets. We also work with a rewarding system to ensure students are proud of their accomplishments and keep challenging themselves.

Yes, we always provide additional homework material so students can continue practicing outside of their tutoring lessons.

However, we always liaise with parents to see whether this should be obligatory for their child. Some parents would like their children to continue practicing beyond their tutoring sessions while others prefer their children to focus on the homework they have been assigned at school.

After each tutoring session a lesson report will be sent to parents detailing the topics covered during the lesson, homework assigned and indicating the student's effort during the lesson. A picture overview of the lesson will also be provided for each lesson. Additionally, every month we send out a progress report to all parents with details on how the student is progressing.

Nevertheless, parents can contact us at any time to obtain more information or discuss specific concerns.

Yes we provide both face-to-face lessons as well as online lessons. Our face-to-face lessons take place at our A for Effort classrooms while our online lessons take place on the Zoom platform.

Private lessons are 1-on-1 lessons, with only 1 student and their tutor. Semi-private lessons are small group lessons with 2-4 students in one session, limited to the same subject.

Yes, we always align our tutoring lessons with the child’s school curriculum unless requested otherwise. Some students need to catch up on previous units or topics, and we will shift our focus according to the student’s needs.

Yes, on request we can directly contact the child’s school teacher to discuss the best type of support we can provide, and which subject areas we should be focusing on. Gaining input from the child’s school teacher helps us ensure that our lessons are aligned as much as possible.


We work with a small group of tutors who are qualified Math and/or Science tutors with a relevant degree. All our tutors speak English fluently, and most of our tutors have studied abroad.

What our tutors definitely have in common is that they are all enthusiastic individuals with a passion for teaching a subject they love.

Tutors teaching at A for Effort will have the same teaching style. A for Effort hires tutors based on their qualifications, experience, personality and teaching style to ensure they are the right fit for the organization. Tutors are trained at A for Effort to get them familiar with the approach and teaching style we expect from them.

Through continuous monitoring and evaluation we can ensure that the expected quality and style of teaching is adhered to at all times by all tutors. We will always work with a small group of tutors to ensure this is attainable.

Yes, students will be assigned the same tutor each lesson. If a student follows both Math and Science tutoring they might be assigned a separate tutor for each subject, depending on the qualifications of the tutor.

A request can be made for a specific tutor, and we will do our best to assign the requested tutor accordingly. Nevertheless, this will depend on the tutor's availability.

We schedule tutors according to their expertise and qualifications. We have tutors who only teach Math lessons, some who only teach Science lessons and others who are qualified for both Math and Science lessons.

Yes. We find it very important that students are enthusiastic about their lessons and their tutors. While we seldom have a mismatch, we will certainly try to accomodate any student who would like to switch to a different tutor.


Please contact us at info@aforeffort.org or at +62 819 1100 1203 to schedule a lesson.

Yes, you can schedule a free trial lesson first. Please contact us at info@aforeffort.org or at +62 819 1100 1203 to schedule a trial session.

Each standard tutoring session is 60 minutes long, however we do have the option to extend lessons to 90 or 120 minutes.

This depends on the student's tutoring needs. Generally we recommend 2 tutoring sessions per week in order to get through all topics the student has covered at school.

Nevertheless, we have seen many students progress with 1 tutoring session per week.

Yes, we reserve a specific day and time for each student.

Yes, students will be assigned the same tutor each lesson. If a student follows both Math and Science tutoring they might be assigned a separate tutor for each subject, depending on the qualifications of the tutor.

Sessions can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the start of the tutoring session. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the lesson incur a surcharge.

To cancel a lesson please contact us at info@aforeffort.org or at +62 819 1100 1203 .

Where available sessions can be rescheduled to another time slot within the same week of the planned lesson, and if communicated at least 24 hours in advance. This will also depend on the availability of the assigned tutor within that week.

To reschedule a lesson please contact us at info@aforeffort.org or at +62 819 1100 1203 .

Yes, we remain open during school holidays and both regular and online lessons can be scheduled.

Yes, we can help students who are abroad with our Online Tutoring sessions or Practice Packets.

Please see the Online Tutoring category for more relevant FAQs.

Yes, we do have the option to add additional lessons, for example to prepare students for an upcoming test or exam.

Online Tutoring

Yes, we provide online tutoring sessions.

We use the Zoom platform to conduct online tutoring. Within Zoom we use the video conferencing, whiteboard and file sharing features.

Definitely. Our tutors go through great lengths to prepare interactive and engaging lessons for our online students. Even for our younger learners we ensure highly engaging and productive online lessons which they will absolutely enjoy.

The student will need a computer, internet connection and the Zoom application (download at zoom.us).

Although not a prerequisite, we suggest the student to use a computer mouse or a drawing tablet to make writing on the interactive whiteboard easier. A simple drawing tablet like the Huion H420 can be bought online for about $25. Please contact us for more information on obtaining the right drawing tablet.

Yes, we can usually schedule online tutoring sessions outside of regular office hours to accommodate the student's schedule overseas.

No, the tutor will entirely guide the student during the online tutoring session.

Parents will only need to help connect younger students to their Zoom session, once connected the tutor will proceed with the lesson.


IB Math SL & HL Analysis & Approaches

IB Math SL & HL Application & Interpretations

IB SL & HL Biology

IB SL & HL Chemistry

IB SL & HL Physics

Our IB tutoring lessons place a strong emphasis on getting the students familiar with actual IB questions and material. As soon as the student has a good understanding of the foundation of the topic we move on to official IB material, starting with the basics and moving to more challenging problems.

Exposing students to IB material will allow them to get acquainted with the various types of questions they will face on their IB exams. Tutors will also help students understand the IB grading system to ensure they can score the most points per question.

We have various subscriptions to official IB databases which allows us to retrieve a variety of different types of resources.

These include IB practice packets, IB questions per topic, IB questions per difficulty level, mini IB exams, past IB exams and more. Depending on where the student stands in their course we will build their understanding using our various resources.

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

Absolutely. We have many students from various schools who are following the Cambridge curriculum and our tutors are familiar with the Cambridge curriculum.

Yes, we are experienced with providing tutoring support for AS- and A-levels.

Yes, we also provide tutoring for SAT preparation.

Location & Contact

For general inquiries please send an email to info@aforeffort.org or contact us via phone at +62 819 1100 1203.

Material can be sent by email to info@aforeffort.org. If possible please include the tutor's name in the subject field.

Yes, all tutors can be reached at info@aforeffort.org or at their own personal email addresses. If possible please include the tutor's name in the subject field.

All phone communication goes through our general company phone number at +62 819 1100 1203. During office hours any information will immediately be communicated to your child's tutor.

Please send an email to info@aforeffort.org or contact us via phone at +62 819 1100 1203. We keep lesson reports of all students in our database and can always retrieve the details of any session held.

We are conveniently located off the main street of Jl. Antasari, on the ground floor or Park View Plaza on Jl. Taman Kemang.

This street is easily accessible from all major districts in South Jakarta, including Cilandak, Kemang, Senopati and Pondok Indah.


Yes, we will send out an official invoice at the end of each month.

All lessons are post-paid on a monthly basis. We will send an invoice with an invoice at the end of each month which includes an overview of all tutoring sessions attended that month.

Lessons are paid by bank transfer to our company's local IDR bank account. Our bank details are included in the invoice.

Yes this is possible, please contact us for options.

Unfortunately due to the high additional costs for both the client and A for Effort we are no longer accepting PayPal payments.

Yes, we will send a receipt of payment once the payment has been received by our bank.

Yes, our invoices can be used for reimbursement purposes. We can also send the invoices directly to your company if necessary. Please contact us to discuss the requirements.