These are real testimonials from our students and parents, posted with their knowledge and permission. Their input provides an honest view of how tutoring has helped them personally.

Cathy Sharon (Founder and CEO of SADA by Cathy Sharon)

Mother of JIS students (Kindergarten and 3rd Grade, Math)

“A for Effort has changed my 6th Grader’s outlook on math completely! We struggled as parents to find a good fit for learning as our approach ended in frustration. We have been with the program now over a year, and our intention is to continue until she graduates. She is now getting mastering marks, and if there is ever a question she can take it to her tutor. I highly recommend A for Effort as it has helped our daughter feel confident in school and learning.”


Mother of JIS student (6th Grade, Math)

“Our tutor at A for Effort has truly been amazing. He presents our children with a myriad of ways to think through a problem making sure they really understand the content and finds which one works for each child's "wiring". He is incredibly patient and most certainly improved their overall comprehension of math. The best part is that they have started loving math again - and that is priceless!”

Kristina & Noah

Parents of JIS students (4th and 7th Grade, Math)

“A for Effort has been a tremendous help in helping our children have a much better understanding of math. Our tutor has not only been able to increase their math skills up to where they should be in only a matter of a short time, but has also made every session very enjoyable for them. A for Effort has increased their confidence level with math and they look forward to every tutoring session! Thank you!”


Mother of NAS and BSJ students (Year 1 and Year 3, Math)

“My daughter has been with A for Effort for about 5 months now, she enjoys the lessons and it has been helping her massively with her school work! I highly recommend A for Effort as it boosts their confidence in their school journey and learning experience.”


Mother of NAS student (Year 3, Math)

“Daniella had really low self esteem when it came to maths and she always said she was dumb. 1 month in with A For Effort and she has completely changed her mindset. She now says she is more clever than her sister. Thank you so much for teaching her the fundamentals and getting her up to speed with the rest of her classmates. She actually also really enjoys doing maths now.”


Mother of NAS student (Year 4, Math)

“We are very impressed with the IB math tutoring services provided by A for Effort. As a result, our daughter’s knowledge and understanding in IB math concepts, along with her overall confidence in tackling complex math tasks continue to build. Tutors are timely, professional, and reliable. Feedback is ongoing and consistent. For example, each month a progress report is shared with parents to ensure clear communication is in place to summarize milestones achieved and next steps. A for Effort tutors are very patient, supportive, and knowledgeable with IB math curriculum content. Tutors zoom in to teach and review concepts to equip students with what they need to know to be competent mathematicians. Flexible scheduling options offer extra tutoring sessions as needed. Our daughter is building a great rapport with her tutor and looks forward to math tutoring sessions each week. We highly recommend A for Effort tutors for any family seeking additional chunked practice/review opportunities that reteach challenging concepts in multiple ways, and are delivered in a small group /individualized setting. You will be impressed too.”


Mom of JIS student (12th grade, IB Math)

“My tutor at A for Effort simplifies concepts and removes math jargon so that our content always makes sense. My grade increased from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’ during my Calculus unit, which I otherwise would have failed without help from my tutor.”


JIS 12th Grade - IB Math

“I like tutoring lessons because it helps me if I don’t get a concept in school and it is fun. I like my tutor because if I don’t get something he won’t leave the question until I get it and he makes learning fun for me.”


JIS 6th Grade - Math

“Tutoring has helped me to catch up on about a year’s worth of work very quickly and efficiently.”


BSJ Year 13 - IB Math

“My time spent here has helped me grow as a student. I am able to receive the support I need without the pressure. I have noticed a difference in both my grades and success as a learner.”


JIS 12th Grade - IB Math & IB Chemistry

“I think that math tutoring here has helped me a lot in finding my struggles and learning how to work towards improving in those weak areas. For IB students it can also be very beneficial due to the huge amount of resources that we receive from our tutor to prepare for assessments.”


JIS 12th Grade - IB Math

“Thanks to my tutor at A for Effort I have an A*, the best grade possible. I can actually look forward to going to classes because I finally understand what we are learning.”


JIS 10th Grade - Math Honors II & Chemistry