Why many students now use tutoring to help them with their online learning

Aug 4, 2020

Why many students now use tutoring to help them with their online learning

With schools closed across the globe as one of the measures to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, online learning has become a common alternative for students and teachers. However, some students may find it difficult to adapt to virtual classroom learning as they feel more restricted to ask questions, are less exposed to hands-on activities, and are more reliant on self-study.

To enhance their learning, many students are now turning to tutoring to help them with their online classroom journey. Here are the top benefits of enrolling your kids in tutoring class at this time.

Benefits of tutoring

  • Individualized and customized learning experience: Every student has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. For instance, some students are visual learners, while others are auditory learners. Similarly, some students grasp certain concepts faster than others. The simple truth is: no two students are the same. A school's online classroom learning is likely to adopt a "one size fits all" approach, which may not work for everyone.

    By complimenting online classroom learning with (online) tutoring, students will receive individualized learning that is well-suited to their needs. In other words, a tutor can tailor lessons to fit the unique learning style and preferences of your child.

  • One-on-one attention: It's one of the most obvious benefits of tutoring. Although online classroom learning is a fantastic alternative during these times, it is quite easy for students who are struggling, or who are less comfortable to speak up, to get lost in the crowd.

    However, tutoring provides an opportunity for the tutor to focus on just one student, making it possible to know your child's individual learning style. The abundance of time and attention can help bring the best out of your child since they can learn at their own pace while receiving feedback and praise from their tutor.

  • Helps overcome learning obstacles: Tutoring can help uncover any learning difficulties that your child has and fill the gaps. Students typically have a lot to learn and do, with many of them struggling to keep up with their classmates. A tutor may identify and bridge the gaps in your child's learning so they can overcome their difficulties and become better learners.

  • Informal atmosphere: Another top advantage of tutoring is that your child will be able to learn in a low-pressure setting. It's an open secret that students can learn more in a comfortable environment. Being in an online classroom environment, students might feel less encouraged to pose questions than when they are among their fellow students.

    Tutoring helps solve this problem since students are more likely to be comfortable in a more intimate and less threatening atmosphere. As a result, your child will feel less pressure and get the opportunity to practice asking or answering. This can contribute to giving their confidence a boost, and they may even start giving answers or asking questions in class without feeling self-conscious!

  • Better and personalized feedback: Because tutoring provides one-on-one learning for students, it makes it possible for them to receive direct and personalized feedback about their work while you, the parent, will also get detailed feedback on your child's progress. This helps your child to improve his or her work further while you get the opportunity to be more involved in their learning process.


Many students and parents have realized the benefits that tutoring has to offer especially at this time when the novel coronavirus has led to virtual learning for most students around the globe. Additional tutoring can help students who have found this journey challenging by providing a comfortable place to get personalized advice and guidance.






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