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How we started

Having started several years ago, we recognized that there was no tutoring center in Jakarta catering specifically to students attending international schools in Indonesia. Yet there was a high demand from these students for more personal help specifically in the subjects of Math and Science.

Students often found these subjects challenging and fast paced, and even though they were receiving high quality education at their schools, receiving personal tutoring assistance helped them to not fall behind.

A for Effort was established to offer high quality Math and Science tutoring specifically to meet the demands of students attending international schools. With a focused niche we are able to familiarize ourselves with the curriculum and expectations of international schools, allowing us to provide personalized and tailored tutoring services for each of our students.

How we can help

Students come to A for Effort for a wide variety of reasons. Some students have gaps in their Math or Science education which cause them to fall behind in their classes. Others are transitioning from, or to, a new school and need our help to ease the transition between the different curriculums. Others just simply need a place where they feel comfortable asking questions and getting clarification on anything they are struggling with.

Whatever the reasoning, we will adjust our approach to meet the student’s needs. Whether it is following their school’s curriculum or focusing on specific skill sets, it usually is a combination of both.

What makes us different

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, in fact we prepare each lesson according to the student’s specific needs, which may vary from week to week. There might be specific skill sets the student needs more practice in, or the student has an upcoming test we will help review for. We know our student’s strengths and challenges, and will continuously monitor their progress.

Our dynamic team

Tutors at A for Effort are not your regular tutors. At A for Effort we work with a small team of full-time tutors. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that students get the same tutoring experience regardless of which tutor is assigned to them. This is constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure that the same teaching style and quality is adhered to by all tutors.

We find it important that our tutors are dedicated and enjoy teaching and helping students progress, through interactive and productive lessons.

Our tutors are qualified Math and/or Science tutors with University Degrees in Math Education or Engineering. Most of our tutors have studied abroad and all speak English fluently. Tutors at A for Effort get tested on their knowledge and teaching abilities, they follow a training program to ensure that they can adapt to the dynamic teaching style of A for Effort.

The importance of communication

At A for Effort we find it essential to keep parents informed about their child’s development and progress. After each lesson parents will receive a lesson overview which includes the topics covered, homework assigned, and the student's effort level during the lesson.This is accompanied with pictures of the lessons to give parents a comprehensive insight of their child's tutoring lesson. In addition to this we send out monthly progress reports which tracks students' progress per topic covered during the month’s tutoring sessions.

We always keep an open line of communication with all parents allowing them to directly ask any questions about their child’s progress.

“Tutoring here has improved not only my grades but also my attitude, I feel a lot more confident. Overall the experience has been amazing.”

Caid, JIS 10th Grade - Math

Our Clients

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